Energy Technology Perspectives

The world’s guidebook on clean energy technologies

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About ETP

Understanding the opportunities, challenges and feasibility that come with different new and emerging clean energy technologies is central for improved energy and environmental policy making.

First issued in 2006, Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP) has for more than a decade contributed to global energy and environmental policy-making. To further strengthen its relevance to decision-makers in governments and industry, the IEA has revamped the publication in 2020 with a focus on technology opportunities for reaching net-zero emissions from the energy sector. An updated Clean Energy Technology Perspective report is expected in January 2023. 

Technology Roadmaps

New low-carbon technologies show clear potential for transforming the global energy system, but a key challenge remains: what steps do governments and industry need to take to ensure their development and deployment?

Roadmapping is a useful tool to help address complicated issues strategically at the national, regional and global levels. To help turn political statements and analytical work into concrete action, the IEA has developed a series of global roadmaps devoted to low-carbon energy technologies.